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Turn a dream into reality..

With our experience using a wide variety of different materials and techniques we can turn anything you dream into a reality.  We not only excel at these challenges we thrive on them.  We truly are The Wizards of Weird.

Global Accessibility…

Because of our past experiences, we have developed very specific operating procedures. We have the capability to build any project at our facility, ship the project to your location, and rebuild it more efficiently then our competitors. We have been involved in projects inside and outside of the United States and can bring that kind of flexibility and precision to your next project.

Diversity Matters…

At PWF, our skilled workers come from all walks of life. Our skilled men and women bring their knowledge and past experience to every project in our shop. This type of collective wisdom can't be beat.

Experience can’t be beat

Our background reflects extensive experience in production, management, design, fabrication and installation of specialized and theme projects in hotels, casinos, amusement parks, and fortune 500 companies. Through our experiences we have developed the ability to visualize the completed project resulting in efficient, smooth flowing, and timely completions with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in the ability to establish and maintain communications and rapport with clients, architects, project management, and partners. The success of our projects are a testimony to our proven business knowledge and comprehensive construction experience. Our professional backgrounds and our abilities to work with people from all trades within a fast-paced environment, are some of the benefits that we bring to your project.